Cultural Philanthropy

Peppi Bottrop and Albert Oehlen, artists, at Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles

Peppi Bottrop and Albert Oehlen, artists, at Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles

We partner with wealth managers, family offices, and emerging philanthropists & collectors to create impact and legacy in the cultural sector.

MCW Projects provides emerging public and private philanthropists and family offices access to the exhilarating world of contemporary art. Utilizing a vast network of institutions, artist studios, art schools, art fairs and cultural organizations, we educate and expose clients to new and exciting opportunities for investment, philanthropic giving, and intellectual engagement. We help shape philanthropic giving and acquisition strategies to benefit both the philanthropist's goals and the cultural sector by: 

  • Providing private and up-close access to world-wide cultural entities, such as:

    • Museums

    • Artist studios

    • Galleries

    • Art fairs

    • Art schools and collectives

  • Aligning philanthropist's vision with

    • Organizations possessing forward-thinking and investment-driven missions

    • Contemporary artists, designer and cultural producers creating innovative projects that make a significant impact

  • Creating cultural programming for wealth managers to offer their clients, private offices, industry conferences and meetings

  • Shaping personal collections

  • Shaping corporate collections

Whether the passion is fine arts, design, education, diversity, access, sustainability, or creating the next generation of informed creatives, MCW Projects will align clients with the best artists, institutions, thinkers, communities and networks to create an enduring legacy.


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